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Building projects single-handedly: a primer
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Josh Lim
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Sky Harbor
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What happens when you're left to your own devices when building a new project? Do you wait for people to come? Or do you try your best to do it by yourself, holding against hope that people will join you?
In my 12 years as a Wikimedian, I have resorted to building a number of projects single-handedly. Some are minor successes, like the Tagalog Wiktionary, while others, like the Tagalog Wikinews, are stalled or dead in the water. Of the Wikipedias I know of, only the Ilokano Wikipedia is successful thanks to its extremely dedicated lone editor. But given that single-editor projects are by and large the exception rather than the norm, how should we go about doing it? And if we do end up doing it, what risks are in it for us?
In this presentation, we'll take a look at some projects built by single editors, what makes these projects unique, and what we need to do to build a community of editors so that single editors don't get burned out. We'll also look at what might be the ideal profile of a single editor: one that continues to contribute to a project even after so long by themselves with no one else around them to help.
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Attendees can expect to know more about how to deal with single-editor projects, and with the phenomenon in general. More specifically, attendees will learn how to build on these projects and how single-editor projects can be beneficial for the Wikimedia movement, while at the same time how the concerns of single-editor projects can be addressed by the community at large.
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WikiCulture & Community, Sister Projects
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25 minutes
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It depends. I am applying for a scholarship, although I might go even if my submission is not accepted depending on funding.
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None yet, but I will put them up once I've made a deck.
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