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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

Submission no. 3034 Subject - T3
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Amazing Article Annotations
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C. Scott Ananian (cscott)
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Wikimedia Foundation
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This talk will discuss the creation of a general annotation facility on articles, using Multi-Content Revisions to store annotations using the OpenAnnotation standard.
At present, if you want to associate some information with a particular region of an article, you need to add markup directly to the wikitext. For example, the Translate extension needs to add <translate> tags and <!--T:1--> markers directly to the wikitext in order to mark translation regions. Comments are added as <!-- --> markup. If you want to indicate the region which should be affected by a citation you need to add {{citation needed span}} inline. Image properties, infobox data, and semantic markup are all crammed into wikitext, making it hard for a new editor to find the actual article text.
Annotations provide the ability to store extra information alongside an article without cluttering up the wikitext. They can be used as an alternate markup mechanism for some things we are already doing: translation regions, editor comments, inline discussion, and references. But they can also enable new tools: tracking source-to-translation correspondence in ContentTranslation, marking non-linear transcribed regions for WikiSource, adding outlier pronunciations for WikiSpeech or conversion rules for LanguageConverter, marking regions for citations, figures, maintenance templates, or presentational hints (pull quotes, summaries), annotating media, or even storing proposed edits in order to resolve edit conflicts.
This talk will discuss a general annotation facility that will enable these use cases and hopefully many more! We will present the OpenAnnotation standard and the Multi-Content Revision storage mechanism, and describe how you can use annotations for your projects.
What will attendees take away from this session?
Attendees will learn about a new way to associate information with Wikimedia articles, and hopefully be inspired to use annotations in their own projects.
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Technology, Interface & Infrastructure
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25 minutes
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Related: Amazing Article Annotations in IdeaLab, Annotations session at 2017 Developer Summit
Possible applications: Wikicite, Translate extension (translation regions), ContentTranslation, WikiSpeech, VisualEditor/Flow, Language converter, FileAnnotations, Wikisource
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