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“The Earthquake Goal”, and other tales about south american football in the spanish Wikipedia.

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Fernando Otero

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In Wikipedia, editing about football is a special thing. It’s difficult to keep the neutral point of view in the related content, since you will always be colliding with passionate fans. Now, editing about south american football takes all those issues to a whole new level. Somehow, all those emotional outrages from football crowds all across the continent find their way into Wikipedia. Not through insults and physical violence, but with heated arguments, some of them even camouflaged under an elegant rhetoric.

I will be sharing a set of personal experiences about conflicts, disagreements and reversion wars, over the most unthinkable, yet tiny topics. Glorious nicknames, adjectives, dubious achievements and records, and hidden jokes about relegation of rivals. Some of these confrontations end with users being blocked. But, sometimes, they may lead to approach those users to the community, building a healthier environment and yielding better editors in the process.

From these intense conflicts, some curious stories arise, like why in spanish Wikipedia we have an article named “The Earthquake Goal”,[1] originated when a local seismographic agency registered a tremor within the Richter scale, allegedly generated when the fans celebrated the annotation in the stadium.

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They will enjoy some interesting experiences about a hot topic in Wikipedia, but also they will learn how to cope with such scenarios.

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  • WikiCulture & Community
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25 minutes
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Yes (pending scholarship approval)

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