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Meetups/Lesser used languages meetup

From Wikimania
TIME: 7 PM, 12/08/2017
PLACE: Salon 5, level 2, Sheraton Hotel


Name Username Affiliation
Iñaki Lopez de Luzuriaga Iñaki LL Basque Wikimedians User Group
Galder Gonzalez Theklan Basque Wikimedians User Group
Edurne Agirre Edagit Basque Wikimedians User Group
MassiveEartha :jam:
Vsuarezp :ast: Asturian Wikipedia
Gustavo Gustavo :ca: / :no:
Dbudell Wikitongues, daniel@wikitongues.org
Laz HakanIST Wikimedia Comm. User Group Turkey
Subhashish Panigoahi Psubhashish Odia Wikimedians User Group
Aervin :ru:
Farkinad Fatkullin Frhdkazan WM Russia, Wikimedians of Small Languages of Russia
Lluis Madurell Lluis_tgn :ca: Amical Wikimedia
Sven-Erik Suosaar Metsavend WM Estonia
Sherry Antoine Shanluan NYC,s USA (interested in Dominica patois), SherryAntoine@gmail.com


  1. Wikimedia Conference 2017, Berlin: minority languages in strategy
  2. Sharing experiences: Common challenges and niches for cooperation
  3. Lobbying for minority languages in Wikimedia
  4. Establishment of resources for sustained participation and cooperation: Meta-wiki
4.1 News
4.2 Interesting links
4.3 Opportunities for cooperation
4.4 Meet-ups

5 Regional dynamics: Translation via intermediary languages (linguas francas)
6 Further requests


  1. 1. Short introduction to the meeting conducted by Iñaki LL establishing potential lines for discussion.
  2. 2. Round of personal introductions
  3. 3. Division of the attendees into two discussion groups
  4. 4. Conclusion: summary of the ideas and proposals raised in the big group


With reference to creating a resource/page on Meta-Wiki related to minority languages, a proposal was put forward to use the inactive Indigenous Languages WIL page to make the most of existing resources. An existing Facebook discussion group could be used in order to involve more people interested in this topic.

There is an imminent project to create a user group encompassing minority languages in Russia interested in sharing experiences. There seems to be a strong point in showcasing information on what other minority language projects are doing to get ideas and best practices, as well as value and get feedback on the efforts being made in each project.

It has been pointed that different lingua francas may be used at a regional level to allow for better communication among the projects. These shortcomings of a technical character are subject to further discussion. Translathons at a regional level are an option to encourage and lay bridges among lesser used language projects, using for the purpose intermediary languages like English, French, Russian and so on, as convenient.

A number of participants expressed their interest in joining voice recording projects like, Wikitongues or Lingua Libre. The contribution that can be made to Wikiktionaries was cited, these more specific proposal may be addressed later. One of the groups missed in the meet-up communities directly concerned, unable to attend Wikimania because of their visa problems. This group also emphasized the idea of presenting the fruits of the project in the next year Wikimania.


There is an urge to have a voice as a global community comprising lesser used languages within the Wikimedia Movement. The name “indigenous” is subject to a number of objections, as well as the use of a previously started resource like WIL, that may be interpreted without consent as a takeover. An important point has been raised to stick to a Wikimedian operative outlook of letting everyday practice show the limits and opportunities for progress provided by this new cooperation, and not setting too ambitious goals. The meeting breaks up at 8 pm.