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Let's edit together in memory of our friend Bassel: Saturday, August 12th, 2017; 11:00 - 15:30 in Salon 4, and later elsewhere. Join remotely / help track work by tagging your edits with #wikibassel hashtag in edit summary

This will be a drop-in edit-a-thon / hack-a-thon / transcript-a-thon discussion in honor of Bassel Khartabil. Saturday, August 12th, 2017; 11:00 - 15:30 in Salon 4.

Bassel was a Syrian open web developer, Wikipedian & archivist, and peaceful activist, executed by the Syrian government. Let's come together now to keep his work alive and grow the projects he was working on and the knowledge he helped to grow and share.

Additional meet-ups to continue this work during Wikimania 2017 and beyond will be coordinated as well. Join remotely or dedicate an edit to Bassel by tagging your edits with #wikibassel hashtag in edit summary



Potential topics and suggested articles for improvement, additions welcome and encouraged:

Ideas for articles to create or improve

CC and licensing

Other projects

  • Letters/Writing Project: Some participants will also be working on digitizing, transcribing, and translating Bassel's letters and other writing. Please bring your ideas for honoring and disseminating his work. People involved with curating Bassel's letters and writing will be in attendance.
  • Music Projects: Help archive the music produced for Bassel via the Disquiet Junto project, collating those works with CC licenses, discuss how or if it could enter Wikipedia, and role of music and audio in this work.
  • Social Media Research: Rong Wong has been researching FreeBassel social media for a number of years and will be sharing her recent research; come learn, experiment, and discuss future applications.
  • Palmyra: create and expand articles on Palmyra topics in all Wkipedia language versions, as a support of Bassels' own efforts to preserve the city's heritage.

Articles / Sources about Bassel and his Work

"New Palmyra" Annie Schneider https://harvard.academia.edu/AnneSchneider

New Palmyra Press Page http://www.newpalmyra.org/press/

FreeBassel News http://freebassel.org/campaign/press/