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Welcome to my userpage
Welcome to my userpage
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Eye of Freedom
Eye of Freedom

Welcome to my page! I am Samuel Klein, wikipedian, linguaphile and, hoom, inclusionist. I am currently working on platforms for community-owned publishing of research and data. In the past I worked on a national digital library, at a "purpose of the Internet" research group, directed part of a global education project, and served as a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Currently summarizing some cross-wiki thoughts + conversations about project + community design as design chats.

Currently working on matchmaking people with ideas. My writing background consists of a few journals and newsletters, doggerel on the back of exams, broadsheets on telephone poles, philosophical essays, and marked-up drafts of [others'] texts in red and blue. My academic background includes physics, mathematics, algorithms and language. In the Wikiverse: you can find me on the English Wikipedia, and occasionally on Wikibooks, Wiktionary (see also mod-wiktionary), the OLPC wiki, and previously on some smaller language wikis (Nahuatl, Swahili) or taking collab notes on Hypothesis XXX - synchrony across annotation systems for all sorts of knowledge (e.g., via hypothes.is and open annotation).

Recent peering: User:Sj/peer | Challenges | Federated knowledge | Design chats
To contact me: My talkpage · meta.sj (gmail) · +1 ... 529 4266

Movement thoughts: roles / fundraising / Chapter-WMF | North American Wikimedians
Wikipedia Zero | International grantmaking and US Executive Order 13224鈥庘

If you need assistance: Please leave me a message or request.

17 new pages on meta:

18 July 2024

Happy 5,000,000th Commons upload!


News : Managing translations revisited. Long-term strategy for Wikimedia projects is being discussed and planned with some vigor | How Wikipedia Works, a book on using Wikipedia from nostarch press (with cameos by the sister projects) | LSS revived! | coralline ideas for generalized message-distribution : a way around the 100-mailing-list coordination problem. | Pimp your edits! | Mailing lists/cleanup

Interesting : Modern translation and coordination @ the Embassy, pages linked from Requests. A new Stewards noticeboard. A new Main page? Level activity across request types, improve feedback for uses of Special:CentralAuth, improve [[Help:]] pages about cross-wiki special pages/tools. New contributor objections

FDC complaint mid-2015 without clear timeline for response?

Fun : SJ Klein with Wikipedian Guy, reprises of old Wikimedia Quarto sidefeatures... like interviews with Ward Cunningham and Larry Lessig.
Pressworthy pages : User:Sj/PR
Village Pumps: ar, da, de, eo, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv, zh, bab


A cheerful logo variant
A cheerful logo variant

Strategy : w:User:John_Carter/Opinions (2009), 2015?

Top of the desk. Active projects (see also Project map) | Wikiproject group, Digitizing and Translation with MW...   Digest / on en: | Annonces | MP
elian excellence: Incoming tech requests | Wikipedia languages
meta-slimming: Historical Wikipedia pages | statistics, on en:

old pages to slim: The importance of being Wikipedia, ...
older budget thoughts : Long term plans
communication models : the Why Give blog
Mania over time
Deleted pages to watch : <empty>

WMF events future: (see Board agenda; other agenda; &c. Last 2 quarters' planning unexpectedly light; energy drawn into private channels)
WMF events past: WMF.org chat, #wm, Sat July 24 | Vereins-Chat, #wm.de, Fri July 30 | Wikimania, August 2005

WM News, Sept 10+. | W-News | M:HP | Babel/Babylon
21 fahrplan, Dec 26-28

Status, Thoughts

The Dao of Wiki * Quirks of int'l grantmaking

Resolved, that ... WMPH - why did these stop being shared on Meta? Cross-wiki links needed.

I am thinking of ways to

  1. improve key sites: Wikimedia website(Main, Fundraising, GFDL), http://www.wikimedia.org redirection page
  2. improve key meta pages: Goings-on(t), Meta:Babel(t, Interorg relations.)
  3. move meta-discussions to meta:, from en: and other subprojects.
  4. improve community:
  5. unify discussion: power structures within WM and across WP-instances (covering Ver ein/ Wreader and es: split issues as well as the mundane)
  6. help propose new projects: Wikifamily, Wikinews, Pa/Pr/Fu, Media, Prufing, Review...
  7. design a few feature improvements
  8. help people who reuse wikimedia content recognize the projects the content came from
  9. help others and future selves see what I see
  10. share test writing and wiki work

Topics belonging uniquely here:

Other Topics


+ Developer committee, Finance committee, Editor committee, PR committee -- for helping to coordinate and divide labor in those key areas.
+ Translation crew for discussing and processing multilingual issues; translation, communication, official languages, &c.
+ Press Corps for handling press IDs, contacting major events, getting exclusive interviews and photoshoots. See also Wikews.
+ Other groups to plan for Grants, Collateral, Legal issues, Outreach/User groups, Publicity, Print issues, Partnerships.


+ WM-wide mesh ('organization chart', 'project map', 'topic map', 'discussion counter', 'Wikipedia languages')


+ My MediaWiki feature requests
+ Division of labor requests
+ EasyTimeline


+ (c): Jamesday on #wp, en:Wikipedia:Copyright...
+ Chapters: Verein, Association, EO chapter in France...


+ New pages, Article validation, villi...

(General no te : soughameter optional)