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About me

I am a public historian based in Indianapolis, Indiana, and have been an active Wikimedian since 2012. With a B.S. degree in business and an M.A. in history from Indiana University, it should be no surprise that I am interested in U.S. history, especially Indiana and the Midwest. In addition, I have a background and interest in the history of the American West as well as French and British history. 

An avid reader, I am a fan of well-written biographies, short stories, and historical fiction. I am also passionate about preserving historic places around the world. 

My work-related interests are in digital learning collaborations and open source technology, so you will find me contributing to several WikiProjects, especially WP:GLAM/Indiana Historical Society.

Declaration of Interest

I am a public historian, curriculum developer, and currently the Indiana Historical Society’s editor of Wikipedia and research. As the IHS editor, Wikipedia and research, I support Wikipedia on a full-time basis by improving existing and creating new Wikipedia content as part of the WP:GLAM/Indiana Historical Society project. My GLAM/IHS tasks include reviewing, writing, and editing Wikipedia content; requesting digitization of IHS resources to assist Wikimedians with research; participating in Wikipedia and GLAM initiatives to encourage collaboration; hosting GLAM/IHS events; and tracking GLAM/IHS outcomes.

Wikipedia contributions made under this username, including edits to Wikipedia articles and uploads of other media, are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Indiana Historical Society.