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Moritz Rahm
Moritz Rahm
Head of Community and Engagement, Team for Funding and Community Conferences, Wikimedia Deutschland

About me

Supporting volunteers and forging strong partnerships between staff and volunteers has been my passion since 2006. First as a volunteer myself at Amnesty International, from 2013 on as a staff member at Wikimedia Deutschland. I live with my family in Berlin.

My work

As Heads of WMDE's two Community Engagement teams, my colleague Verena and I work closely together with the Wikimedia communities. My team and I focus on Funding and Community Conferences.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., the German chapter of Wikimedia. This user account is used exclusively for edits in this role. --> Moritz Rahm (WMDE)

Contact me

  • E-mail: moritz.rahm(_AT_)wikimedia.de
  • German (Native Speaker) & English (Advanced)