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Hi, I'm Kevin! It's great to meet you! I primarily edit the English Wikipedia, where I'm an administrator, checkuser, and oversighter, and member of the Arbitration Committee. More information about me is available at my userpage there.

As of February 2020, I am also a member of the Conference Support Committee.

Outside of Wikimedia, I'm a graduate student in public policy at Stanford University. My activity often fluctuates depending on real-life work, but if you write to me on my talk page, I'll be sure to see it. I come from Des Moines, Iowa; if you're a Wikimedian who lives in Iowa, or in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm happy to meet up for coffee.

I have a standing offer for any established Wikimedian who has grievances, questions, or suggestions: in addition to text-based communication on a talk page, upon request, I will work to find a time for us to call. Since nonverbal communication accounts for most of the information that is transmitted, I've found that a simple video discussion can foster understanding and resolve problems more effectively than pages and pages of text-based discussion.

For more information about my participation on global projects, you can see my SUL profile here.