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My name is Jinal Foflia, I was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I’m a Gujarati by nature but Bangalorean by heart. I hold a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering. During my Engineering, I worked on conceptualization and designing of applications in fields of women safety, Market Research, Fitness, and was an active participant at hackathons. I love interacting with people and have a passion for organizing and managing events. I also enjoy writing poetry.

I'm an avid contributor to OpenStreetMap, to know more about what I map and how do I contribute to OpenStreetMap read here.


Currently Working as a Data Analyst at Mapbox. As part of the Data Team, I'm responsible for creating and improving map data on platforms like OpenStreetMap. I focus on working through a variety of issues identified by our automated error monitoring tool, customers, and satellite imagery.

I also spend time working on planning strategies for communications related to OpenStreetMap and Mapbox India. I am also a part of the Communications Working Group for OpenStreetMap Foundation and editor at WeeklyOSM - a newsletter that shares OpenStreetMap related news. Drop me a line if interested in learning and talking about any of these.