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About me: I am a research consultant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have a Phd in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and an MSc in Pharmacology and Toxicology. My interest in communicating evidence-based medical approaches drew me to WikiProject Medicine. Other interests of mine include healthy active living and physical literacy.

My work: I am presently a part-time Wikipedia Contractor for Cochrane.  My main role is to continue updating the out of date Cochrane references identified by the Cochrane Update Bot [[1]]. I will be actively recruiting new Wikipedia editors through Cochrane’s TaskExchange, and I will support the respondents in queries related to Wikipedia. My role also includes maintaining and building further relations with Wikipedia, connecting new editors to the Wikipedia community, supporting requests for engagement in Wikipedia work from the Cochrane community, and evaluating ways in which the Cochrane-Wikipedia work can be made sustainable.

Disclaimer: Although I am paid by Cochrane to update Wikipedia, all of my edits, activity, and contributions to Wikipedia made by this account may not reflect the views of Cochrane. While editing Wikipedia, I will abide by Wikipedia’s practices on neutrality and conflict of interest. I will be working in the best interest of Wikipedia, as part of the Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative .

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