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How about adding a template for volunteers

We can use this to solicit volunteers.

Name Email & Social Location Event Skills & Experience Wikimedia Skills & Experience Volunteer Time
Example McGee example@webmail.com www.facebook.com/example @gexample Example, UK e.g. example skill, with example knowledge. example wiki skill or project example I can spend x number of hours a week working on this
Geraldshields11 geraldshields11 at gmail dot com Washington, DC, United States Photographer and former Wikimedia DC chapter event promotion coordinator. IRL, I am a performance artist. I am a member of several Wiki Projects, such as The Wikipedia Library, Women's History, Taxation, and Open Knowledge Foundation. I am involved with other open cultural projects, such as Lunar Mission One. Attended a fun part of Wikimania in DC, contributor to WikiCommons, anti-vandal patroler, and editor Have camera and willing to travel. Would like to be the official still photographer of Wikimania if a grant/scholarship from Wikimedia DC and/or grant from Wikimania covers travel costs and expenses.