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How to

Will there be a method to use to replicate the success or will it just discuss the current gender gap? What methods did you use to close the gender gap? Geraldshields11 (talk) 15:42, 21 March 2017 (UTC)Reply

we are already in the process of trying to replicate since we are looking to expend it in 4 additional countries as soon as we have found funds. What is a bit specific about WLW is that it is happening in countries where our contributor base is still very limited, in countries where local actual active wikipedians can be counted on at most 2 hands, in countries where awareness of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects is still extremely low, in countries where the understanding of copyright laws stays limited even in GLAM, in countries where the "women issues" are beyond an issue of "lower pay for same job than a man" (not saying here that this issue is not important. Just saying that the issues we may work on may be a bit different. See this video which was done with one of the partners to see what I mean). So the way we work on it is a bit different from the way it is done in western countries. Panel would be largely about the specificities of this effort compared to others. And I would also add that the primary gap we want to close is the African gap. Cheers Anthere (talk)