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Wikiparliament - enhancing both freedom and efficiency on wiki?

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Birds of a feather discussion

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This session aims to discuss a basic concept of wikiparliament – a wiki based on (or partially adopted) the parliamentary procedures. The general purpose parliamentary procedures have been developed mainly in the U.S., needed by civic/business activities. They aim to enhance both freedom of participants and efficiency of decision making bodies. Is it time to consider bringing such a rule based governance in wiki coauthoring process for, at least, debatable issues?

Basically, the parliamentary procedures ruled out “central control” by one or few administrator(s), but require consensus of participants as far as possible, and a prefixed set of rules can play an important role to establish such consensus efficiently. In other words, they aim an autonomous, distributed, and cooperative control. In the session, the speaker will make introduction of essence of parliamentary procedures. Note that the speaker will not aim to make a comprehensive explanation of them but to show a selection which can be useful for coauthoring process. It might include:

- Motions; bringing a business to an assembly.

- Second; supporting a motion.

- Debate; discussion of the merits of a motion

- Voting; decision to approve or disapprove a motion

In addition, the speaker will present his own idea of the wikiparliament. It might include:

- Seconding for editing

- Drafting and publishing cycle with motion

- A variety of voting

- Debating with structural decision making

The wikiparliament system should have simple, easy-to-use user interface to make use of the rules affordably, for example, some simple selectors and buttons. Some technologies/tools that can be hints to design and implement wikiparliament will be shown.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Attendees will learn

- Basic concept of parliamentary procedures and wikiparliament

- Pros/cons, or its suitable and unsuitable use cases

- Technologies/tools that can be helpful to implement wikiparliament

What the outcome of the discussion is hoped to be.

- Basic requirements of wiki version of parliamentary procedure

- Basic concept of human interface of wikiparliament

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