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Wikidata Loves GLAMs

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Jason Evans (Jason.nlw)
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National Library of Wales, Wikimedia UK
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The Panel (to be confirmed) will highlight ways that GLAM's of all sizes can utilize Wikidata to enrich their data, Provide detailed data for open images, publish Open Data and explore their collections in new ways. Glam's can also use Wikidata to publish and explore their data in multiple languages. Wikidata also allows GLAM's to connect their collections together, creating a web of interconnected (linked) data. Jason will draw on his experience as a Wikimedian in Residence at The National Library of Wales, highlighting the challenges and successes of the project, including the appointment of the worlds first Wikidata Visiting Scholar and the way in which teams of volunteers were engaged in the project. The Panel will also discuss ways that the Wikidata community can do more to support GLAM's and mentor those who want to make the leap to Wikidata.
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Attendees will hear about successful Glam - Wikidata collaborations which will give them the knowledge to advocate the use of Wikidata in GLAM's. They will better understand Wikidata from a GLAM's perspective; their expectations, needs and restrictions. They will understand the kind of tools and visualisations that GLAM's will need to share more data via Wikidata. They will learn about how to nurture and engage volunteer communities of all abilities with Wikidata projects.
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  • GLAM
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25 minutes
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Hopefully, but it would help my case!
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