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Why do Education programs matter in the Wikimedia movement?

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Panel/roundtable discussion

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Anna Torres (WMAR)
User:LiAnna (Wiki Ed)

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United States

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Wikimedia Argentina
Wiki Education Foundation

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Increasingly, more and more education programs exist around the movement. Led by chapters, user groups or volunteers, we are increasingly promoting formal and non-formal education initiatives with the aim of making Wikipedia a learning tool in different academic spaces. Wikimedia projects which were once seen with suspicion have slowly and steadily gained legitimacy across educational institutions. WEP interventions have resulted in massive increase in reach and readership and has definitely helped in removing the 'Wikipedia Stigma' which was prevalent in many emerging communities.
Why is it so important to involve students in the use of Wikipedia as an educational resource? Taking a look to the different education programs around the movement, what is the impact beyond metrics? Also attempting to critically examine present metrics ability/range to assess the WEP activities
Through this discussion panel we hope to answer these questions as follows:

  • Analyze good practices in education from the different programs around the movement
  • Analyze the learning of using Wikipedia in the classroom
  • Understand the expectations of a primary reader

With the aim to promote the debate around:

  • How education programs/initiatives help to improve reach of the Wikimedia movement.
  • How Wikipedia as a learning tool helps improve educational skills, which go far beyond the classic evaluation metrics (#articles created/improved, per example).
  • How education programs/initiatives means promoting and involving new editors within the movement.
  • How education programs promote learning based on the construction of quality knowledge/content.
  • How WEP is important for thriving institutional partnerships and generating in-kind support for our movement
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Participants will be able to learn about education initiatives from the Wikimedia movement, and understand the importance of promoting a WEP.

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