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Submissions/Western Armenian WikiCamps: From Lebanon to Armenia to Portugal to France

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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

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Western Armenian WikiCamps: From Lebanon to Armenia to Portugal to France

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Lightning talk

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Shahen Araboghlian (User:Shahen_books)

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Wikimedia Armenia

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The speaker (I) will start the talk by introducing what WikiCamps are, how Wikimedia Armenia initiated them, how they continued to diversify it through doing another one in Lebanon for the Armenian diaspora which lead to the booming of the Western Armenian interface on Wikipedia. The speaker will continue by comparing the amount of Western Armenian articles which existed before the start of the Western Armenian WikiCamps and the current status of those to show out the clear different and impact the Western Armenian editors’ community has left and how of a positive thing it is turning out to be. How do we know that it is ending up as a positive aspect? Many Western Armenian schools around the world are benefiting from the information that is posted on Wiki platforms, as they previously did not exist in Western Armenian language. The speaker will speak a bit of his own experience and further explain what the title of the lightning talk means, and how the first Western Armenian WikiCamp took place in Lebanon, from where the best 7 contributors were chosen to be sent to Armenia, and then another 7 who contributed best for over a year got sent to Portugal for another Western Armenian WikiCamp, which was rather special, because it didn’t include Western Armenians from Lebanon, but also from Greece, Turkey, France and Syria. The process proved successful and continued, where now the best contributors of the last 2 years have been chosen to go to Lyon, France, right after the Wikimania. The speaker will end his presentation by encouraging them to put more faith in youth's hands and trust them on higher levels i.e. as I have 445+ well-written Western Armenian articles and I am only 18. 

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The attendees will learn about the Western Armenian WikiCamps which take place once a year, yet leave a noticeable amount of positive impact on the quality and quantity of Western Armenian content on Wiki platforms.

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WikiCulture & Community
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All lightning talks are 5 minutes.

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