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Interactive Urdu Braille Learning System for Parents of Visually Impaired Students
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Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
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Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan
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Braille literacy is one of the core pillars of education for visually impaired children. Previous studies have highlighted the importance of Braille for Visually impaired children by suggesting that students who read Braille outside of the classroom have higher reading speed and fluency. In resource –constrained countries, such as Pakistan, the visually impaired students may acquire the knowledge of Urdu Braille at special education schools. However, there is a dearth of resources for the parents of such children, when it comes to learning Urdu Braille. Therefore, we designed a web-based Urdu Braille Translator and interactive Braille learning tool to enhance the Urdu Braille learning experience for parents of visually impaired children. It stresses the aim to encourage parents to motivate their children to read outside the classroom. The usability study of this tool was conducted with 15 parents of the visually impaired students.
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It will give me an opportunity to share my research with people around the world. I will explore the research happening in accessibility and get reviews from the people to take my research on next level.
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Education for all, Education for Visually impaired, Education for disables, Accessibility

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