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SESSION OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

The Wikipedia Year of Science 2016: What worked, what didn't . . .
Day and time
Friday Aug 11 12:15
Session link
LiAnna Davis

SESSION SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

Lianna Davis speaking about WikiEdu’s Year of Science: a focused area of improvement. It was a content initiative. By focusing they could get some funding focused on the topic area. Was it U.S. only or English only? Didn't catch. They went to academic association conferences — shows list AAAS (Amer Assoc of Science, AGU (American Geophysical Union), MAA (Math association), JSM (Joint Statistical Meetings), Society for Marine Mammology, Allied Genetics Conference. They demo’d in exhibit halls and asked the people stopping by about how wikipedia was doing in their area.

They gave discipline-specific handouts, e.g. Chemistry, Ecology, Medicine, Linguistic ; on the sources to be used

Lots of content was added. I think they reported 4.9 million bytes changed. There is more on the slides.

A lesson: lots of follow-up is necessary ; don't just give a business card and hope they contact

Want to encourage them to come back. Keep emailing them.

Lesson: Students do not know/understand/respect image licenses ; e.g. an uploaded photo was a photo of an image in a copyrighted textbook.

For full documented evaluation see:

Q&A[edit | edit source]

Images training: A contest for scientific photos is coming up; maybe in that context many will learn the rules about iamages and copyright

Did you go into the classrooms? No