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Submissions/My Class Manager: An Interactive Classroom Solution for Children Engagement & Assisting Teachers

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My Class Manager: An Interactive Classroom Solution for Children Engagement & Assisting Teachers
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Muhammad Zahid Iqbal

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Information Technology University, Lahore
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Creating the best learning environment for students and handling a large class size is always a big challenge for the teachers in the developing countries. It creates lack of

individual attention for students which resulting a higher dropout in earlier school. Previous studies show best practices of smart technologies in the classroom.

This research conducted to develop an efficient and low-cost solution to create children interaction and increasing engagement in the classroom. We developed My Class Manager; a Smartphone application for digital OCR based quiz and paper marking, audio quiz for native language learning and performance management throughout the semester. We conducted a series of three evaluation tests of three classes of sizes 41, 40 and 45. Results of the evaluations show an increasing interest of students in the classroom, improved class engagement & attentions. As per our consistent goal to create better classroom engagement and time efficient delivery of knowledge by latest technology integration, we have found great results. It created a time-efficient learning environment.

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Education, Technology for Education, Education for all, ICT for Education, Classroom Engagment,
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25 minutes
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