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How much is 12,000 ft: Verifiability vs Truth when dealing with units of measurement
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Łukasz Golowanow, pl:User:Airwolf
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Verifiability is one of the core policies governing the content of Wikipedia. It is supplemented by the generally accepted consensus that verifiability trumps truth.

However, there are situations in which the source will be correct and wrong at the same time. One of these situations is when converted units of measurement are used. Take the 12,000 ft mentioned in the title and say that a US author states that Soviet Aircraft X suffered certain problems above 12,000 ft. Subsequently, the source is used as a source for the article describing Soviet Aircraft X on any Wikipedia fully utilizing the metric system. In the Soviet Union, the metric system was used as well. Therefore, the ‘12,000 ft’ is already a converted number and, on top of that, almost certainly rounded.

What should the Wikipedian do? Should they retain the feet in an article written in a ‘metric language’ about a ‘metric topic’? Should they convert the 12,000 ft into meters? That’s exactly 3,656 meters and logic dictates that the number is incorrect (too precise to be feasible). Should they try to guess what the original number was? 3,600 meters? 3,700? Or 3,500 perhaps? Should the source be rejected as unusable?

This is the aircraft in question; the submission stems from an actual discussion within pl.wikipedia

Using my experiences in two fields—as a Wikipedian and as a professional translator of non-fiction—I will present the pros and cons of these and other options of dealing with a problem which, in my opinion, is under-appreciated. In fact, it touches upon the very essence of Wikipedia and as such should be considered in a more thorough way.

What will attendees take away from this session?

I see my presentation as a small seed for a larger, overarching discussion regarding verifiability. Therefore, the lecture is intended to create an additional level of understanding within our international community of issues described above and, hopefully, in the long term it will lead to conclusions on how to tackle the problem.

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WikiCulture & Community
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I will, if granted a scholarship by WMPL

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