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How GLAMs and the Wikipedia Education Program won the Pedagogy Award of the year in Sweden

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Lightning talk

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Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)

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Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)

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Wikimedia Sverige

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This lightning talk will tell the (brief) story of how the Wikipedia Education Program and the Wikipedia GLAM community joined forces in Sweden and gained major recognition for it. The collaboration, known as WikiWelcome, was recognized with Pedagogy Award of the year, presented at the spring conference for Swedish Museums in April 2017. 250 students and 10 educators in Stockholm were engaged in editing Wikimedia projects supported by collections and literature on local cultural heritage. Students were able to improve Wikipedia coverage of local sites in proximity of the schools, and at the same time develop communications skills and media and information literacies in keeping with a curriculum for a digital age. The story has significance since it shows how a growing awareness of free knowledge within cultural heritage organizations can branch out to foster new innovations and partnerships with Wikimedia. In the case of the WikiWelcome collaboration, funding was made possible based on the unique partnership and the output, here defined as Open Educational Resources (OER), becomes tools for partners in both education and cultural heritage organizations.

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Attendees will be gain insights into what different forms partnerships can take after initial collaboration and outreach. The talk will also give an example of how external funding can be secured and successes communicated to specific outreach groups.

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  • Education
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