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Submission no. 2011 Subject - C7
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Easily confused words and how to find them
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English, but hopefully of most interest to non English speakers. In fact I'd prefer not to have my fellow EN editors sneak in and learn my secrets.
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United Kingdon
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For several years now I have been hunting down easily confused words on the English Wikipedia. Misspelled words can be picked up by conventional spell checkers, but only a truly lycanthropic spell checker can pick up valid words, that are just the wrong word for that sentence.

I started this many moths and yeas ago in a time when it was easy to find Wikipedia articles in witch calvary armies inflicted causalities, of animes staring in forth seasons, or of ladies panted in strange posses.

Those keen Sports fans who think that the shouty sweary guy on the touchline gets in the way of the communication of instructions from the fans to the players, may know me as the pedant who secularised the tubs of straw that were once common in Wikipedia's sports articles.

Every language is likely to have easily confused words. As your standard linguistically challenged Brit I can't tell you what the easily confused words will be in your language, but I can give you some tips for finding and fixing them.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Some tips for finding a particular group of typos, and hopefully a smile or two.

And if you rely on google translate to turn English into something you can read you might now understand a little more about the times when it doe snot quiet work.

Aficionados of our search tools may spot some practical tests of just how complex a search can be and still be doing something useful.

One of our bot writers has been writing a bot to make the regular patrolling of such words or phrases easy and much more efficient. With far more "safe phrases" than an AWB search can support and one click patrolling of safe pages so they don't come back the next time the query is run. Attendees will get to see how this works and learn how they can join the beta testing.

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25 minutes
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Hop two
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