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Create your own outreach program for tech volunteers with Design Thinking
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Greta Doci (usergroup Albania)
Sandra Müllrick (Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.)
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Sandra Muellrick (WMDE)

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Wikimedian of Albanian Language User Group (m:Wikimedians_of_Albanian_Language_User_Group) Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. (
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For the last two years, at the Software Development & Engineering Department of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., we have been supporting developers as part of our mentoring program and our outreach activities to FOSS developers with a varity of methods.
We had the great opportunity to analyse and test different formats, like focussed interviews & role models blog post's with tech volunteers, a tech mentoring program @ WMDE, Game Jam (Gamification Hackathon for free knowledge), EnthusiastiCon(Tech Talks), Source Code Berlin (Tech Podcast),  LadiesthatFoss and MeetUps (Mentoring program for Women in Tech with Wikimedia, Mozilla and other tech projects). Greta Doci as volunteer developer involved in these program & expierenced progam manager of the Albanien Language User Group and Sandra Müllrick as program manager WMDE will sum up experiences, activities & learnings of these two years and will show all attendees a method how they can develop their individual programs, evaluate & testing it pretty fast with the design thinking approach.     
What will attendees take away from this session?
  • Learnings from WMDE Outreach tech volunteers activities & Albanien Language Usergroup outreach activities (e.g. target audience, instruments, failures, evaluation metrics)
  • Design Thinking Method to know, how to gain ideas, test & evaluate individual programs
Theme of presentation
For workshops and discussions, what level is the intended audience?
Volunteers, Affiliates who are interested in Outreach Programs to gain new target audience for the Wikimedia Projects
Beginners up to Intermediates
Length of session (if other than 25 minutes, specify how long)
15 Min Input via Presentation   45 Min Design Thinking Workshop to develop your own outreach program
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Not sure yet.
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