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Community Village

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Community Village, Wikimania 2014 in London, UK

Place of meeting, exchange and sharing, the Community Village will be held again during Wikimania 2017. All organizations linked to Wikimedia and open-knowledge-related organisations, who wish to share their work and exchange ideas, are invited to participate. Through interactive and innovative kiosks (as an example WikiCheese), the Village will be the opportunity to raise awareness of the Wikimedia movement and all of its projects. To this end, 24 kiosks are available.


Expressions of interest should be made through this form. If your project has pre-existing display items you wish to bring (display boards, commercial stands), please feel free to contact us with dimensions and specifications. We will provide 2 chairs, a display table 150 x 51 cm with cover cloth, and basic sign for each participant.

If you have any questions about the Community Village please reach out to Lëa Châteauneuf at lkchateauneuf@wikimedia.ca

Complete the form


Foyers outside main Ballrooms at the headquarters hotel, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, 1201 Boulevard Rene-Levesque West, Montreal, QC, H3B 2L7, Canada.

Confirmed exhibitors