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This is an Open submission for Wikimania 2017 that has not yet been reviewed by a member of the Programme Committee.

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WikiTungi: A case study of city based Wikipedia communities of Odia Wikipedia.

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Sailesh Patnaik, Saileshpat

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lightning talk

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Odia Wikipedia

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The Odia Wikipedia’s WikiTungi is an attempt at building a community of Wikimedians at a city level. Wikipedia activities are usually centered around volunteers living in cities who show leadership qualities and these activities need to be groomed and mentored else, the spirit of the volunteers goes down leading to dropping out of the volunteers. The tungi, named after an ancient practice in Odia that involves passing on knowledge of the scriptures, is a city based Wikipedia community that helps Wikimedians around the city to meet and learn from their shared experiences.

The Odia community's WikiTungi is based out of two cities, Puri and Bhubaneswar. While Wikimedians in Puri conduct meetups bi-monthly, Bhubaneswar Wikimedians meet once a month. In every meetup, Wikimedians exchange their resources with each other, helping address their doubts and queries regarding their problems and projects. Puri WikiTungi is a group of young Wikipedians which formed after the first Wikipedia workshop in Puri, and after the workshop, a WhatsApp group has created the community survived in WhatsApp group for over 3 months, which was a platform for their training and now they’re one of the most active communities in Odia Wikipedia. They have started the first ever GLAM project Wiki Loves Rathayatra. WikiTungi is growing and flourished with the help of various social media platforms, and the interest of the community members. Each time community meet they edit Wikipedia, discuss ideas and plan events. WikiTungi is a platform to exchange ideas and raise queries, bug, and problems that Wikimedians are facing. Communities also keep a track of these meetups on Odia Wikipedia and also on etherpad.

To ensure that Tungi communities do not face lethargy, we have consulted community members and adopted new strategies after completion of one year for the growth of our Tungis.

What will attendees take away from this session?

Participants shall learn various methods used to engage community foster activities, methods of follow-up and metrics (other than global metrics) to assess the health of the community. These will be demonstrated using examples of employing social media strategies to track the growth, challenges, and opportunities identified by the community.

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  • WikiCulture & Community
  • Awareness
  • Community Building
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25 minutes
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